HBK Merle haggard

Height: 23 in.

Weight: 130lbs n still growing

Head Size: still growing
Color: blue tri merle 
Pedigree: (click)

HBK Hank

Height: 21 in.

Weight: 115 lbs @ 13 mo

Head Size: Still Growing
Color: Lilac 

HBK Braga

Height: 24 in.

Weight: 170 lbs

Head Size: 27 in.
Color: Chocolate 

HBK Gorilla Grodd

Height: 21 in.

Weight: 130 lbs

Head Size: 25 in.
Color: Lilac 

HBK Vision of the future

Height: 21in

Weight: 130lbs

Head Size: 25
Color: Lilac Tri (at/at)

SSB Blue beast basher

Height: 24.5 in.

Weight: 170 lbs

Head Size: 27.5 in.
Color: Blue

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